What are the benefits of being included in the book?
Participating in the “International Contemporary Artists” art book will help you promote your work efficiently to a vast public.
The cost is very low in comparison with any other marketing efforts. Moreover, it is distributed internationally and without any cost to major galleries and museums in the U.S and in Europe too and it will make you more accessible to potential buyers.


How can I participate in the book?
You send us 4-6 images of your work. You will be notified in 3-5 working days if you’ve been selected to be included in the book.
After that you’ll receive a layout of your presentation for your final approval.


How does the layout presentation look like?
The selected artists will receive a full page layout featuring two of their works, their statement or essay and their contact information.

The book is divided into three sections:
Paintings, mixed media, prints, illustrations
Photography, digital art
Sculpture, installations

You can see previous volumes here.


How many artists were featured in the previous volumes of the book?
You can see the artists who participated in the previous volumes here.


Can all artists participate in the book?
All artists who are above 18 years old.
All artworks must have been created by the submitting artists, who must have legal ownership and must be the sole owners of the copyright.


Do I have to pay an entry or a participation fee to be included in the book?
No, you don't have to pay any participation or entry fee to be included in the book.
Only the artists who will be accepted for inclusion are required to buy two copies of the book.


Why should I pay to present my work in the book? Can this requirement be waived?
The book offers you a valuable tool to promote yourselves. It is distributed without any cost to major galleries and museums around the world, trying to reach the widest professional audience and increase the value of your work.
Purchase of two copies covers a small part of the book’s publishing cost which includes creative layout, editing, printing cost, distribution cost to galleries, museums, art dealers, etc. The rest of the cost is covered by I.C.A Publishing.
All the selected artists are required to buy two copies of the book; however they are free to find sponsors who will fund their presentation in the book.


How my participation in the book will help my career?
The book is supposed to work as a promotional tool; you may not make direct or immediate sales, but it will help you get connected with galleries, art dealers and possible clients; it will increase your value as an artist and you’ll be able to sell your works in higher prices. It is established that buyers always prefer to buy works from published artists. Overall, presenting your work in the international art book will be an important addition to your resume and a valuable tool for the future.


What is the price of the book?
The artists have the following options:
1) Buy 2 copies (full color): 85.00 € (each) TOTAL: 170.00 €
2) Buy 3 copies (full color): 80.00 € (each) TOTAL: 240.00 €
3) Buy 4 copies (full color): 70.00 € (each) TOTAL: 280.00 €
4) Buy more than 4 copies with a 25% discount.


Is the shipping and handling cost included in the price?
No it isn’t, you can contact us for the exact shipping rates.


Can I participate with more than one page?
Yes, if artists want to show more of their work, they can do so with an additional cost of 150€ per page.
For example: an artist who wants to participate with a two page spread, will pay 150€ for the second page plus 170€ for two copies of the book.


What is the book’s print run?
Each volume is printed in 6.000 copies.


Check currency rates here


How do I pay?
You can pay with:
• Paypal
• Wire transfer


Which are the images' requirements?
You must make sure that the images you send us are a direct representation of your artwork. This way we’ll have the best results in printing.
You must send us 4-6 images of your artworks (JPEG in high resolution-300dpi - 17cms or 6,6" at the longest side).


What is the size of the book?
It is 8.2X11.4’’ or 21X29cm


Do i retain the copyright of my works?
Yes. Artists retain the copyright of their works, which cannot be copied, reproduced, etc. without their permission.