I take great pleasure in informing you that I have already started getting response ever since the catalogue has been printed. I would like to further state how wonderful my experience has been of being a part of the I.C.A. Publishing group. The people have been extremely professional, making the entire process for an artist like myself easy and a delight to be a part of.
The selection process and feedback has been an uplifting experience, so has the quality of product. I also would like to thank you for your courteous and speedy communication. I would most definitely like to be involved in another project with the company in the future.


Kind Regards
Rewa Walia


 I got the books and am very happy to have them. Are wonderful and thank you from my soul.
I am honored and I even received offers from galleries, because they have seen my pictures in the book.
I will come back even next year with all my pleasure.

Elena Bissinger

I just want you to know that being part of your publications was one of my best moves ever!!
Thanks to that, I have received several contacts from Galleries worldwide, interested in working with me!!

Thank you so much for it!!


Bruno Netto

"I was pleasantly surprised when I received the books. All were at the highest level, from the packaging to the content of the wrapper. I liked all. The beautiful cover, the quality of paper and print were at the highest level. It's the very solid edition. The book enables to become acquainted with new artists. I was pleasantly surprised how many artists in the world which I don't know. I was very interested. I think the book will be really interested to everybody. Thanks all creators of the book".

Best regards,
Olga Romanova

 The superb quality of this art book amazed me, from every aspect of this wonderful book, which is a best art book with the highest quality possible! You have made a great effort to choose the best artists today across the world in this book. Thank you so much Julia Adison, Eve Lemonidou, Olga Antoniadou and everyone for inviting and including me in and publishing this book, it is a marvellous achievement itself!

Thanks for publishing such a wonderful art book and everything did for me in the process of publishing, I am amazed by your pure professional as well as responsible way of handling this matter, and I can feel your heart as well as passion for cultivating and shaping the art world to a better situation, for that I have deepest respect!


 Shutao Liao


 Received the books, packaged so well, no damage occurred.  I want to thank you the book is beautiful and I am so happy to be part of your sixth volume. It is a privilege to be amongst such great artists and I am looking forward to my future as an artist.

It has provided a wonderful venue to be part of in as much as promoting my artwork, my site has received many hits lately and I feel that my accomplishments are just beginning and again thank you for your prompt response to any query and the wonderful way and professionalism that you offered.


Maureen Janssens


 The book International Contemporary Artists, volume VI is published by renowned New York publishing house I.C.A. Publishing. And today New York is the center of the fine arts of the world. The book is representative, in hardcover with over 400 pages, with simple and clear design. It includes more than 300 artists from around the world. What the book gives special significance is that the artists and their works had been selected by famous American curators.  It is obvious as soon as you open the book: it is a systematic overview of contemporary world art production. Printed on high quality paper with high-resolution reproductions. The book also has an educational character. The book represented excellent artists with so many different expressions, from so many different countries. I  can learn from everyone of them. Not only am I proud that I was included in this great book: my sponsors who support my numerous international exhibitions are also happy because the publication of my work in it is my another significant international success. And my sponsors are once again assured that their investment in my art is sometimes best investment. Especially in times of crisis such as these present, when much investments fail. In fact, with all my new foreign success as this,  prices of my artworks grow.

Davor Vukovic

 Wow! This is what I call a Book, I’m short of words. I would send another mail for an exclusive comment about this book. My God! It is a great privilege to be included in this project, I hold this book in high esteem. You all did a great job, I can’t wait for opportunity to start knocking on my door. 

Raymond Eghosa  


 Yes, the books were received in a timely manner, and the quality, resolution and reproduction details are exactly as promised. 
You have issued a beautiful publication, and I hope, as I'm sure you do, that this promotional effort will eventually result in some interesting enquiries.

Thank you again for all your co-operation.




Stanley Feldman


 Yes I received the book, I am very satisfied. I have also been in contact with a gallery.
Thank you and have a good time.

All the best
Hermann Brudke

I have received the book on time and I love it! Great quality of photos and diversity of art; I am very happy to be included and have had one inquiry already from a gallery.


Thank you,
Lisa Zbinden

Yes, the book arrived very well. It is beautiful. 

Thank you for inviting me to participate in such a lovely project. I have been contacted by a gallery that saw the book and my work.


Luisa Elena Betancourt



I was contacted by galleries which wish to work with me.
I thank you infinitely.

Cordially. Leslie Berthlet


 I have received my two copies of International Contemporary Artists Vol VI.  And I can tell you that I am very pleased.  I think the layout of my two pages is excellent, and the quality of the reproductions is first rate. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the paper stock itself.  I ordered the soft bound copy--and was delighted to see the cover is more durable than I had expected.  

So, congratulations on your having created a most attractive book.  I appreciate very much the opportunity you have given me to be a part of it.  Thank you.  


Sandra Schow



I received the books in pristine condition and i was amazed by the great variety of works included in it. I'm very satisfied by the quality of printing and colors. There are two galleries interested in my work, who contacted me and it was a real surprise for me.
Thank you I.C.A Publishing, i'm very proud to have published my work in your book.


John O' Maley

Above expectation good and I am very proud that I can make a part of it! Friends, colleagues and family reacted with a big WOOOOOOUHW(!!!!!!!!!!) so I am not the only one that thinks that this book is great! I hope you all agree and that you receive more positive reactions!

Thank you very much!


Mar Louwrier



The books I ordered arrived in perfect condition and were packaged very well for shipping.

The book itself is prepared in excellent order. I consider myself very fortunate to have been selected for inclusion.  The book contains such a broad spectrum of medium and subject matter that it must have been difficult for the jury to decide.  I am thrilled to be a part of it.
Continued success to the curators and all who are involved with the publication.
Here's wishing all the artists much inspiration !!!


Ron Hittle


 I was delighted to receive my copy on International Contemporary artist's to discover not only how lovely it was as a book but also for my work to be shown alongside such an eclectic mix of talent. It is a fabulous catalogue of International Artist's which opens the eyes to the Art lover's and Artist's alike.

Harriet Whyatt



Thank you very much for the two art books of "International Contemporary Artists" which I received just two days ago.
I wish to congratulate with you for their high quality and I thank you for the nice editorial work.

Best regards
Giancarlo Flati



The book looks terrific!  I think you did an outstanding job on it....


I really don't have any ideas on how to improve the publication...Keep up the incredible work!!  Thank you so much~ 


Jennifer Foxley



“I appreciate the book immensely. It represents the hottest contemporary art of today. I especially appreciate the way all different styles are represented in the book. This book is clearly made with a great passion for the arts.”


Bregje Horsten


 I received the books just before going away, and the results are amazing!
I just love my page, and the quality of the art of other artists makes me proud to be part of it.
thank you again!

Emma Godebska



I find it amazing, an high-quality product full of beautiful images and interesting artists who are inspirations and good examples of art and passion spread around the world,


Thank you for your great work, you punctuality and efficiency,


Samantha Gandin



Our 3 books arrived yesterday and we are THRILLED with the presentation, layout and standard.


Thanks so much.


Audra and Nicholas Broughton


 The book is of high quality in its artistic production. The different contributions reflect the variety of artistic expression and the different schools emerging and existing today all over the world, it offers a glimpse into different movements developing today in the arts, therefore enabling a dialog between all forms of arts and artists.  It also enables the viewer to acquire a more global, and multicultural perspective and attention into the different artist’s ways of expression.
Thank you all for this work done with care, attention to detail, and most understanding and respecting art in its totality.



Judith Stahl Schidlowsky